Should I Sign a Release Form Without an Injury Lawyer Seeing it First?

Should I Sign a Release Form Without an Injury Lawyer Seeing it First?
November 16, 2016
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November 17, 2016
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Should I Sign a Release Form Without an Injury Lawyer Seeing it First?

If you are injured in an accident in Belleville and you are making an insurance claim, the first total stranger to visit you is an insurance adjuster. This person is the insurer’s representative whose job is to investigate a claim and determines whether the insurance company should compensate the damages or not. Typically, the adjuster brings with him many personal injury claim forms for your signature. The paperwork may contain the medical authorization and the liability release forms. These documents are critical to your claims. Hence, there is a need to contact an expert Belleville injury attorney before signing them.

Forms Personal Injury ClaimsIt is important to bear in mind that insurance adjusters’ main role is to protect the funds of the company. As much as possible, they will find ways to discredit your claim for denial or reduce it. Thus, you must exercise cautions in dealing with them.

The Common Tactics of Insurance Companies

The insurance company of the other party is employing tricks and strategies to get your signatures. For instance, he will ask you to sign the documents in order for them to process your claim. The adjuster will also explain that your signatures are necessary and it is just a normal practice to all claim applications.

Do not ever fall prey into that. Those statements are trap and will consequently affect the results of your claim. You must remember that the forms are made to deter your rights as an accident victim.

Understanding the Forms

Basically, there are a lot of forms that the insurer wants you to place your John Hancock. Nevertheless, there are 2 major and vital forms that are critical to your claim should you sign them. They are the medical authorization and liability release forms. Read on to know about these two.Claim form personal accident

The medical authorization form gives the other party’s insurance company a blanket authority to access your medical history. These records will include the past and present medical records and other delicate information. Meaning, they will devour all your medical data even if they are information does not pertain to the accident.

In the first place, this authorization is made to pave a way for insurance companies to have full access to your medical information. Now, if you sign this form, you are granting them the access. The access includes digging and searching for proofs that they can utilize to decrease your claim’s worth.

It is not a requirement that you let them rummage all your medical data. Insurance companies need your medical information that pertains to your injuries only. Not the whole medical history.

The Liability Release Forms

Liability Release forms is also known as the liability waiver. It is one of the most common forms that insurance companies are using for the claim applications. This is the last and final form for signature before a settlement’s check is awarded by the insurer. Once the injured accident victim, or the surviving heirs of the deceased party to the accident, signs the liability release forms, it is now a closed case.

Signing the liability release forms means you are satisfied with the settlement. It also connotes your disinterestedness to file a lawsuit against the person at-fault or the insurer. By signing it, you also understand that you are giving up your rights to recompense future damages relative to the accident.

Ultimately, it is highly advisable to NEVER sign the medical release authorization and the liability release forms from the insurance company without consulting an expert injury attorney first. Your Belleville personal injury lawyer guides you on the process and handles the documentation. Your legal practitioner deals with the insurance adjuster while you concentrate on rebuilding your life again.

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