Work Place Accident Claims

Work Place Accident Claims

You can never take pre-emptive action to avoid any chance of an accident occurring. You will not see it coming! Statistically there are many workers injured while at work. Meaning, accidents may happen anytime in your workplace. According to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, 977 died in work-related activities in 2012 alone. However, the labour laws in Canada protect manpower. The laws safeguards worker if accident do happen. Victims may file work place accident claims.

Work Place Accident Claims
If you are a victim of accident in your work, you are eligible to several benefits. Read on to know more.

Federal Government Employee’s Injury Claims

Employees of the federal government are eligible to collect compensations for loss of income, hospitalization, rehabilitation and such other benefits. The kind of compensation depends on provincial regulations.
The Government Employees Compensation Act specifies the benefits one could receive. The victim-employee bears no cost. The national government will reimburse the provincial boards for the total expenses defrayed to employee’s wellness.

General Regulations Applicable for Work Place Accident Claims

While medical and hospitalization costs are among the many benefits receive by the victim, rehabilitation services are also available. The Provincial workers’ Compensation Board helps in facilitating that the worker will be able to return to his job healthy. These include occupational and physical therapy, provision of artificial limbs and its appliance, replacement of broken dentures or glasses (when one uses it during the accident).

When you have severe injury that makes you incapable to work again, the pension for permanent disability or a lump sum is available. Subsequently, the amount depends on the degree and severity of the physical damage the victim is suffering.

In addition, if the accident leads to the death of the worker, the dead’s funeral and other expenses is on coverage. The surviving spouse shall receive the payment of lump sum, plus the pension. The children and his dependents will also enjoy the monthly pension, as well.

Things to Do When You’re Injured at Work

Accidents in Workplace

If possible, seek for immediate help and accept first aid and medical care to minimize the effects of harm. Notify the employer or your supervisor, if practicable. They are the one who will process report, the purpose of compensation and the notes about the accident. Nonetheless, you can also course the incident report directly to the workers’ compensation board.

Furthermore, it is vital to report promptly even if you only suffer minor injuries. This is because minor damage leads to very serious conditions. It will then be difficult to establish a claim if it is not reported early on.

Rejection of Work Place Accident Claims

A claim cannot prosper due to the following reasons: 1.) The information is insufficient and lacking; 2.) The accident is not work-related; and 3.) The personal injury is not the result of the accident.

Moreover, the board rejects claims if the accident happens due to the deliberate and willful misbehavior of the worker. Needless to say, you may appeal for a case review or you may reapply for its reopening.

Lastly, there is certain duration for work place accident claims and the filing of lawsuit. Filing should be within 3 months after the incident. In cases where the accident resulted to fatality, your surviving spouse and children must do this. Contact a personal injury lawyer to assist you in doing so. It is best to know your rights and get the maximum compensation you deserve!