Two people killed in fiery crash east of Brockville

2 dead in cornwall ontrio car accident
CORNWALL, Ont. — Two men are dead after their car collided with a transport truck on Hwy. 401
December 18, 2016
injury layer prescott
Weekly Report from Prescott OPP Detachment
December 18, 2016
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Two people killed in fiery crash east of Brockville

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MAITLAND, Ont. — Police say two people have died after a single-vehicle crash in eastern Ontario.
Provincial police say the accident took place Thursday morning near Maitland, east of Brockville, Ont.
Police say a Volvo hatchback lost control around 2:30 a.m. and was engulfed in flames, but they did not indicate the cause of the accident.
Investigators have not yet released the names or genders of the two victims.
County Rd. 2 remains closed between Count Rd. 15 and Blue Church Rd. while police continue to investigate.

Roads in the Brockville area seem to be very hazardous in the winter time. Not sure why that is but there seem to be a lot of serious car accidents along the 401 and alonf the number old 2 highway aswell. If you have been injured and are looking to be compensated you need to call a personal injury lawyer in Brockville. They will be able to assess your situation and tell you wether or not you have a personal injury claim.

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