Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorbikes have become extremely popular in Canada. In Ontario alone, there are more than 200,000 registered units. This is because owning one is less expensive and more fun than most cars. It is inexpensive in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. Riders also claim the feeling of freedom and fun when riding a motorcycle. Needless to say, along with its rising popularity, many motorcycle accident claims are filed each year. Accident claims occur when one person suffers an injury during a collision.

motorcycle accident claimPeople become vulnerable to risks while travelling, especially in a two-wheeled transportation. No matter how expert a driver can be, the danger lies with other factors. When it is raining hard, when it is dark, or when traversing a rough road, there is always the possibility of losing control. There are cases, as well, that collision happens as a result of negligence of another driver.

Head Injury—Common Effects Caused by Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident claim in OntarioFirst and foremost, injury to the head of the motorcyclist due to the negligence of another is a ground to claim for damages and other pertinent compensation. Typically, a violent blow to the head that causes the bruise to the brain will tear the nerves and make it bleed after hitting the skull.

A serious injury in the head is the topmost cause of death among motorcyclists. Wearing helmet lessens death by 37 percent according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Other than wearing helmet, the anti-lock braking system, or ABS as safety device, is also useful. It prevents fatal crash to 31% as against to the ones without it.

Potential Effects of Head Injury

The following are the possible effects of head injury from a motorcycle accident:• Loss of memory
• Concussion
• Headaches
• Disoriented, difficulty to think and concentrate
• Loss of language
• Coma

Other Injuries

While the most common severe injuries are the TBI, there are other injuries by motorcycle crash. In all of these cases, compensation for the harms sustained can be filed as a claim. This includes the following:

• Neck injuries – the most common that results to paralysis, spinal injury and chronic pain syndrome.
• Road rash, Soft tissue and muscle damage – occurs when the body glides in the pavement and it rubs unto the exposed skin. The skin is ripped, sometimes up to the bone. It will result to infections, irritations and damage of the nerve.
• Arm and leg injuries- also known as orthopaedic injuries. This happens when motorcyclists are thrown away from the bike and has landed on their arm or legs. There are fractures in the bones of their legs, arms or knees.

Possible Damages to Claim

To be able to file the motorcycle accident claim, report the incident to the authorities. The police report regarding the accident is the proof of the tragedy. It is also necessary to see a doctor to evaluate the injuries that the biker sustains. The minor injuries will worsen if left untreated. The doctor’s assessment is also an attachment to the facts of the victim’s injury during the crash.

Furthermore, if the accident is due to the driver’s negligence, the victim may sue for damages. Below are the damages entitled to the victim:

• Non-pecuniary damages like pain and suffering. The injured victim suffers the loss of happiness.
• Pecuniary damages that includes the summation of all his lost past and future income, expenses for medical and rehabilitation, housekeeping, own personal expenses and the loss of one’s competitive edge in the field.
• Under the Family Law Act, the family of the victim is also entitled to be compensated.

The sum of damages a person will avail in motorcycle accident claims will all depend on the severity of harm and the impact of such injury to the victim’s life. Nevertheless, most cases involving negligence are settled by negotiations even before a formal trial begins.

For motorcycle accident claims and other motor vehicle accident claims, it is best to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. Personal Injury Lawyers Canada are experts and knowledgeable in motorcycle accident claims. We have the zeal, passion and fervor to represent our clients. We will collect all necessary evidence and the health care specialists’ medical assessment. A review of precedent cases concerning the same accidents and the circumstances will reel. This way, we will be able to make a solid and credible case. With that, we always aim to target the maximum compensation.

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