The Importance of Medical Treatment

The Importance of Medical Treatment

medical records for personal injuries

The Importance of Medical Treatment in a personal injury case cannot be overstated as the medical diagnosis and treatment records are the foundational evidence for damages. These records document the various injures you have incurred because of the accident and the treatments you are receiving for them.

These same medical records will be used by expert witness should you case ever make it to trial. Your medical visits and records keep of those visits are the proof you’ll need to file a successful personal injury claim.

Tell Your Doctor Everything

Tell your doctor about all your injuries large and small. Often times injured persons will only tell their physical about the more serious injures they got from the accident and not the seemly minor ones they feel will simply go away in a few days. This is a big mistake that could seriously impact your health for a very long time.

Injuries from Accidents Can Take a Long Time to Manifest

Most people are not aware that these seemly small aches and pains are often symptoms of more serious physical injuries. So it is very important to get everything on the record, the doctor can only report what you tell him or her.

There is a Timeline for Reporting Your Injuries

Reporting an injury weeks or months after the accident can work against your case. Firstly, there are certain time restrictions as to how much time you have to report an injury. Secondly, Insurance companies will accuse you of lying and making up injuries to get more money.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

The earlier you get an injury lawyer involved in your case the better. Insurance adjusters have lots of tricks up their sleeves to get you to say things that will hurt your claim. Everything they do and say is designed to reduce the amount of money they will have to payout. Get a lawyer as soon as you can.

Watch this video made by an injury lawyer in the United States – its applies to Canada as well. He talks about gaps in treatment and how they can seriously affect your injury claim.