Free Consultations – What to Expect

Free Personal Injury Consultations

Most personal injury lawyers and law firms offer free consultations as a way of promoting their services. People who have suffered personal injuries want to know if they have a case or not and how much compensation they could receive. It’s a win, win situation. The other reason is that often people with serious injuries are unable to pay fees upfront because of their incomes have been reduced or they are unable to work.

Things you need to do before Your Consultation

There are some things the lawyer will want you to bring.

  1. Whatever medical records you can get relating to your injuries.
  2. Receipts for any expenses you’ve incurred because of your injury.
  3. Police reports if you can.
  4. Insurance information you may have.
  5. Proof of any lost wages.
  6. Any documentation of communications between you and the insurance company or any other party they may be involved in the matter.

A consultation will usually take a half to hour long depending on how the session goes. The lawyer will ask you about your injuries, the circumstances surrounding them, and what medical treatment you have received. He will ask you about your contact with the insurance including any documentation or correspondence.

The lawyer may take some time to consider whether or not to take your case. This is a two way street in that you will want to consider whether or not you want to hire him or her to represent you.

Questions You Should Ask the Lawyer

The injury lawyer you chose to represent you is a very important decision. An inexperienced lawyer will be ill prepared to get you the compensation your deserve. You will want to ask how long he or she has been doing this kind of work and if injury law is their main focus. Meet with a few lawyers to find the one you’re comfortable with.