Disability Claims

Disability Claims

Are you suffering from an injury and any medical condition that makes you incapable to work, temporarily or permanently? If that sounds like you, does knowing the kinds of disability benefits and how to qualify interests you? Disability claims are seen to be the only resort to help out financially the disabled breadwinners and their families.

Disability BenefitsThe Disability claims programs include disability pensions with benefits for the children, savings plan and the gasoline tax refund. We will discuss further the type of disability benefits and the qualifications to file a claim.

First, you need to figure out the type of disability benefit program that qualifies you. In Canada, there are many types of plans and programs with criteria to adhere. It is a possibility that you qualify to one or multiple kinds of benefits.

Types of Disability Claims

Below are the common disability income sources that will likely accommodate applicants:

Sick Pay from Employer- This is one of the workers’ benefits offered by many employers. You can bank up days, weeks and months of sick pay fund. If this is available in your workplace then avail it for a disability leave.

Short Term Disability Benefit- A lot of employers also offers disability benefits in shorter terms. There is salary continuation amidst your absence from work while he sustains an injury and recuperating. The employee can be off work for one to three months. Nevertheless, the duration of this benefit varies from plan to plan. And not all companies are offering this kind of benefit. Better check it out!

Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits– In the absence of Short-Term Disability Benefits, the Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits is available to cover it. This program temporarily provides replacement to income for qualified workers. It runs up to 15 weeks as the duration of the coverage. In order to qualify in this plan, the income reduces to 40%, the employer is qualified, and the employee-claimant has rendered no less than 600 hours.

Long Term Disability Insurance– The long-term disability program is available in Canada. The plan intends to pay and replace the income of the claimant for longer years, even up to age 65. To qualify, the coverage of your insurance policy must include disability. It can be a group plan of the company where you are working, the workers’ union, or as individual. Once your disability is due to accident or illness, you are qualified for the claim. On the other hand, if your disability is due to an accident in the workplace, there’s an overlapping of workers compensation and long-term disability benefits.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits– To qualify in this program, you must be under 65 years old and a contributor to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) before the disability occurs. Other than that, you must also present a proof that you are incapable of sustaining an employment income because of your disability. You also have a continuous disability and out of work for 4 months and longer.

In case the disabled member is mentally or physically incapable to file an application to avail this program, and is also incapable to ask someone to do it in his behalf, he must request to avail the incapacity provision. Application must be within 1 year after regaining the capacity.

Other Available Disability Claims

Disability Tax Credit Benefit– This benefit reduces the taxable income of the disabled person and the one who financially supports the disabled. Disability Plan Claims It is a non-refundable tax credit and is not a kind of disability income source. Once you qualify, the Revenue Canada will grant you a retroactive tax refund. The amount depends on the taxes paid and your income level.

Workers Compensation- The Provincial Workers Compensation Programs cover most workers in Canada. It is mandatory for all businesses to enroll their workers in the program. However, workers compensation benefits vary from province to province. To qualify, you must be an employee that suffers work-related injuries.

Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Benefits– This is available to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces. In order to claim, you must have a work-related injury or is suffering from a certain medical condition.

Income Support or Provincial Disability Benefits– The program differs depending on the province you reside. Most of the residents are eligible to this benefit. It is a citizen’s social protection program in case no other programs qualify the disabled person. It is based on the financial and disability criteria. Provincial disability income source is available if your assets, family and personal income is below a certain threshold.

Tips Before Filing Disability Claims

The aforementioned disability claims are not accessible to applicants automatically. It is imperative that you have a medical doctor’s support. Without it, the claim can be denied, delayed, or trashed.

Also, a clash between employer and employee may happen. The former will think that the poor work performance is due to your illness and disability. Some employers pressure employees to resign with a severance package. Bear in mind that when you accept the deal, there is a possibility that it disqualifies you for the long-term disability benefits.

Moreover, it is also not advisable to retire from work. You may qualify for an early or optional retirement, yet most of the insurance plans for disability will not pay for retired employees. This is critical. Prevent it from happening!

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