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Hiring a lawyer is the most important task ahead of you.  Other than thinking about the hefty professional fees, there is a possibility that you get the wrong lawyer. Needless to say, it is vital that you hire one if you are an accident victim in Lancaster. More so if you are suffering from symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Below are the mistakes to elude if you hire personal injury lawyer in Lancaster. Note that all the Lancaster personal injury & car accident lawyers listed here also provide personal injury claim services in Bainsville, South Lancaster and North Lancaster Ontario.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Lancaster: The Wrong Lawyer can Cost you Thousands

Lancaster personal injury lawyerIt is best to hire an attorney quickly when you are part of an accident and you sustain damages. However, the legal help you may get can add up to the stress you are suffering. It is, therefore, wise to know their qualifications, expertise in TBI cases and their track record. Landing to a wrong one is costly.

The Firm

A big law firm does not guarantee that you will win in a lawsuit. The most effective strategy to save you money in professional fees is to look for the one who is an expert. You may ask around or read testimonies from previous clients who were in your situation. A professional personal injury lawyer is far better than an attorney who is into general practice. The former has good capacity to protect your rights and best interests.

The Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury has signs and symptoms that are subtle. These symptoms appear after days or weeks from the date of the accident. Most signs of TBI are sometimes understated because the person looks normal yet his acting and feeling are different.

Hereunder are the signs and symptoms of TBI for Adults:

• Forgetfulness, loss of concentration and hard to make decisions;
• Constant headaches and pain in the neck;
• Slow thinking, acting, speaking and reading;Lancaster personal injury lawyer
• Disoriented, depression and anxiety
• Tiredness, lack of energy and enthusiasm;
• Mood swings for no reasons
• Inability or hard time resting and sleeping
• Light headed, always feeling dizzy
• Nausea
• Sensitivity to distractions like lights and sounds
• Loss of senses (taste and smell), ears are ringing
• Fluid from nose or ears
• Convulsions (seizures)

For children who have TBI, the symptoms are similar to an adult. But since kids find it difficult to inform you how they feel, it is best to contact a doctor if you notice these signs and symptoms:

• Tired and restless and loss of coordination
• Irritable and cranky
• Loss of appetite.
• Sleeping and playing patterns and moods have changed
• Loss of skills and balance
• Nausea and vomiting
• Seizures
• Fluids draining from nose or ears

Remember, traumatic brain injury is a delicate illness. Seek the help of medical practitioners. TBI can be mild, moderate or severe but they all need prompt care and attention for correct diagnosis and treatment.

How much is the personal injury case worth for TBI?

Brain injury victims in Canada receive compensations for present and on-going medical and rehabilitation costs, the past, present and future income, lost opportunities, out-of-pocket costs and the nominal amount for the pain and suffering. At present, the pain and suffering maximum is set at $340,000.

Limits of Insurance

In cases of brain injury, the Canadian law says that the amount of claim may not go beyond the insurance policy’s value. Other than that, you must prove that there is no carelessness on your part and your conduct was in a safe manner. For instance, you are involved in a car crash, you must prove that you exercise due diligence in taking care of the car to make sure that it is safe to drive.

Moreover, the brain injury settlements in Canada are given in structured compensation plan. This way, it ensures that the patient will feel financially stable for long-term. The compensation is also tax-free.

If you want to commence the filing of your personal injury claim for TBI, the first step is to contact personal injury lawyer Lancaster area practitioner. They have the experience and commitment to get results here in Lancaster. They will guide you in all the ways of the lawsuit. Avoid hiring a lawyer that costs you thousands!