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There are manifold of problems that accident victims are facing. Aside from the physical and emotional injuries, they also deal with financial hardships due to the cost of medical treatment and loss of income. If you are one of the victims due to someone else’s fault in Alfred, you are eligible for the recompense. Ask the help of a personal injury lawyer in Alfred Ontario to know your rights and file the claim the soonest time possible. Ontario has a statute of limitations. Thus, you must not delay your legal claim. All the Alfred personal injury & car accident lawyers listed here also provide personal injury claim services in Lefaivre, Wendover and Plantagenet Ontario.

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Alfred personal injury attorneyAfter your accident, it is of utmost importance to file an entitlement as soon as possible. Basically, the law allows 2 years to make a claim after discovery. Your failure to do so will disallow you to file any legal actions in the future.

Personal Injury Claim Steps and Timeframe

Do not expect to avail the settlement after a week. Most likely, you will go through a process to make this possible. Generally, it takes five to six months. Below are the steps from the time of discovery up to the verdict.

1. Defendant’s Notification– the insurance company receives the case notification. Most likely, the insurer negotiates directly to you. They will try to recompense you out of court in order to save from the hefty compensations once personal injury lawyer gets in the way. In most cases, injury attorneys have enormous chance to acquire much bigger compensation by legal proceedings.

2. Statement of Claim Filing at the Court who has Jurisdiction in Alfred– This commences the legal battle. Your personal injury lawyer Alfred Ontario base files the statement of claim. The court serves a copy to the defendant.

3. Mediation and Arbitration– The insurer and your legal counsel offers settlement benefits with a hope to arrive at a compromise that satisfies both parties.

4. Pre-Trial– By this time, the judge meets the insurer’s lawyer and your personal injury counsel. The justice provides his personal opinion on the case. In this meeting your personal injury attorney will suggest whether or not to accept the insurance company’s offer or to proceed with court proceedings. Mostly, personal injury cases reached settlements during this meeting.

How much is Your Injury Case Worth?

Personal Accident Lawyer Alfred

To assess the value of compensation is sometimes hard. However, the following are evaluated for recovery:
• Lost salary and potential income
• Your cost of living as a disabled person
• Funeral Expenses (for wrongful death)
• Pain, suffering and loss of socialization
• Past, present and future medical overheads

In Canada, general damages claims have caps. The most that a victim receives is around $350,000 in lump sum. For your personal injury legal counsel, they thrive with a contingency fee contract. Under this agreement, the personal injury lawyer Alfred Ontario base accepts the risks of the lawsuit. This way, victims who have no upfront cash can still avail the services of a lawyer. This connotes the sincerity and commitment of an attorney to forego the case. It is also a manifestation that he believes in it.

What to Bring If You Decide to Meet a Lawyer?

The very first thing that the lawyer wants to know is the name of individuals or company that you are about to sue. The purpose is to ensure that there’s no conflict of interest on the attorney’s side.

Furthermore, you need to bring the following:
– Hospitalization bills and other medical receipts;
– Doctor’s evaluation and records of therapy ;
– Pictures of the accident and your injuries;
– Information of anticipated medical costs in the future;
– Salary/ pay slips;
– Police and witnesses reports;
– Data of the vehicle or machinery causing the injury; and
– Other information relevant to your injury.

If you are keeping records of your bodily damage, make sure your personal injury lawyer in Alfred Ontario knows about it. Your legal counsel will help you in organizing the receipts and data to establish a solid claim.