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Welcome to our personal injury lawyer Alexandria resource page where you will find the very best injury and accident lawyers in the Alexandria & Martintown area. Personal injury cases are one area of the law where parties are usually successful in getting a settlement. Statistics show that 95 percent of claims do not reach court. In as much as people are duty-bound to protect and care for each other, the question of reasonableness and negligence is usually the main ground to look at, plus the severity of injury or loss that the victim and his family are enduring. This helps in determining the amount of settlement. Your personal injury lawyer Alexandria in Ontario helps you in all the claim’s process.

All the Alexandria personal injury & car accident lawyers listed here also provide personal injury claim services in Fassifern, Glen Robertson, Green Valley and Greenfield Ontario.

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Alexandria Personal Injury Lawyer talks about Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is one of the hardest personal injury areas to succeed in favor to the plaintiff. It is malpractice when the health provider causes injury to the patient. Nevertheless, the poor outcome does not always count as the result of negligence.

Moreover, it is important to note that prosecuting someone for medical malpractice will entail a very expensive process. Apart from that, it is also stressful and will take years to finish. It is said that more than 200,000 patients in the country died due to medical errors. Out from this figure, only 15 percent filed claims on malpractice. And from the 15%, only 20% of them have favorable verdicts.

Malpractice victims must obtain the best personal injury lawyer Alexandria in this area of law. The one that has years of experience in dealing with this kind of case.

fire personal injury lawyer

Can I Fire my Lawyer?

As with personal relationships, professional relationships do not last. The lawyer you appreciate for being effective once may suggest new strategies that you don’t like. Mostly, misunderstanding and coldness are the reasons why nothing lasts forever. Now, if you dislike the services of your personal injury lawyer Alexandria base, here’s when and how to fire him?

When to Fire Your Attorney

It is always the fault of the personal injury lawyer Alexandria base that clients would want to look for another. If the legal counsel always fails to communicate then why continue hiring him? Also, if he is not performing with due diligence on your behalf so it is time to say goodbye. Actually, clients have all the rights to fire lawyers. Nonetheless, exercising careful thoughts and judgment must be taken into considerations. The following questions will help you in deciding:

 Are you upset because there are no positive developments on your case and things are still on stalemate?

 Is getting another personal injury lawyer Alexandria base helpful or detrimental to the case at hand?

 What is the complexity of my case? Will a new attorney study the files and be conversant with it

Nevertheless, there is a gargantuan sum of legitimate grounds why firing an attorney is necessary. Read on:

Very unprofessional. The lawyer loves to waste time and is always good for court hearings. He , too, lacks organization skills and is mismanaging your case’s funds and documents.

Communication gap. The lawyer does not respond to your queries in text and emails. He does not return your calls. In other words, he is indifferent and doesn’t love working with you as a team.

Constant disagreement. It is after all your injury and your case. The attorney may have forced you to accept the settlement even if you see it unreasonable. Or, you may want to settle with the defendant quickly but your lawyer refuses the negotiation.

Lack of dedication towards your case. Personal injury case is not just on the professional level, it also needs personal tie-ups because both of you are stakeholders of the claim. If you feel like your attorney is not supporting your aspirations and goals then you have to cut the relationship early on.

Steps in Firing your Lawyer

Once you have your decision to fire your lawyer, here are equally important things to do that will minimize possible conflicts:

1. Follow the provision of the legal services contract you have inked with the lawyer. Normally, there is a procedure for terminating the relationship.

2. Search and hire the best personal injury lawyer Alexandria base.

3. Scribble a formal missive and send it to your lawyer by registered mail. Make sure that you have thoroughly written the reasons of termination. Include also a request for the lawyer to turn over your case’s files to you.

4. Notify the court that you are substituting counsels if your case is pending before the said court.

5. Pay the remaining attorney’s fees and other expenses by the personal injury lawyer Alexandria base to your case.

Can I sue someone who has injured me in a fight?

assault and battery

Most likely, beatings and fights do not end with criminal charges. Nevertheless, this does not put the attacker out of the hook. You can file a lawsuit against him or them. There are two categories you may use in filing civil cases if you are hurt in a fight—the assault and battery.

Assault– The intentional attempt to cause harm to a person must be founded in order to file an assault. The victim has a combination of bodily harm and fear on the offensive contact by the attacker constitutes an assault.

Battery – When you are beaten up to the ground and the hitting was intentional and offensive then it constitutes a case of battery. On one hand, a battery can also be the strikes you endured accidently from someone who was attempting to hurt another human.

Persons to sue other than the Attacker

In addition, it is vital to prove these charges to avail the compensation. Document your injuries to include your hospital bills and your evidence of lost income. But what if your attacker is penniless? The attacker may be charge as guilty but he cannot help you with pecuniary matters. It is simple. You can sue the third parties.

If you are in a club when the incident happened, the premises liability and negligence clause allow you to sue the owner of the establishment for their lack of security, or for serving too much alcohol.

Finally, contacting an expert personal injury lawyer Alexandria base must be your initial step. Dealing with the statute of limitations, gathering of evidence, and serving as your legal representative for negotiations and court proceedings are all taken care of by the attorney.

How Contingency Fees Will Affect Your Settlement Payout